Overlea's mission and vision statements

Mission Statement 

To maximize student potential by providing quality and equitable instruction within a professional and inclusive environment to ensure our students are well prepared to achieve success in college and in the work force.

Vision Statement

To ensure our graduates advocate for social justice, have sound judgement, the academic skill set, and perseverance necessary to succeed in and make contributions to a globally competitive society.

Return to in-person
hybrid learning

Hybrid Learning

Communication to Families, Return to In Person Hybrid Learning Form

Dear Overlea High School Families,

As stated in the BCPS Reopening plan, families who have selected virtual learning or not responded to the return to school survey, will have ongoing opportunities to update their choices and choose in-person hybrid learning. Our staff will be able to accommodate requests, make necessary arrangements and work with transportation (if applicable) to ensure a smooth transition back to school. The schedule below is in alignment with the phased re-entry to school. If you would like to return to hybrid in-person learning, please submit your request at:  Link To Hybrid Learning Form

Please use the schedule below to identify request date windows and hybrid learning start dates for students.  The specific start dates will be cohort dependent (Cohort A- Mondays and Cohort B- Thursdays). Families will receive a cohort assignment message before the first day of school.



Request Date Window

(Window closes at 5:00 pm on Fridays)

Start Dates 

(Start dates applicable to the start day of the individual phases)

Phase 1 - Public Separate Day Schools and

Phase 2- Pre- School through

Grade 2

Survey window- February 5

Week of March 1 

February 6- February 19

Week of March 8

February 20 – March 5

Week of March 22

March 6 – March 12

Week of April 6

Phase 3 – OGE Special Education programs Grades 3 -5 and Select CTE programs

Survey window- February 12

Week of March 15

February 13- February 26

Week of March 22

February 27 – March 12

Week of April 6

Phase 4- Grades 3 through 12

Survey window – March 12

Week of March 22 (Grades 6 & 9 only)

Week of April 6



March 13 – March 26

Week of April 19

March 27- April 9

Week of May 3

April 10 – April 23

Week of May 17

April 24 – May 7

Week of May 31


Families must fill out a separate form for each student returning to hybrid learning using the school-specific form. Return to learning form links can be found on school websites. A member of our staff will contact you if we have any questions. Thank you and we look forward to your return!


 Monica C. Sample, Principal


virtual bell schedule for the 2020 school year

Virtual Bell Schedule for the
2020 School Year

School will begin for students on September 8, 2020. Teachers will be on duty Monday through Friday with Wednesday held as a day for targeted student intervention, asynchronous (anytime) instruction, individual and collaborative planning, and professional learning. Teachers will take student attendance daily and will adhere to traditional grading and reporting procedures as outlined in the BCPS Grading and Reporting Procedures Manual. 

Virtual bell schedule.docx

student devices

Beginning Tuesday, February 16, regular office hours will commence.  Office staff will be available 8:00-2:30 p.m. to assist with device swaps and hot spot distribution.  Thank you for your patience as we transition to normal business hours.

Having device issues?

Please follow these steps

1. Please access the self-help guide https://bcpsone.bcps.org/support/ or review the resources in the OHS Technology Group on Schoology.Group Code: JV68-RSN3-3CN66

2. Reach out to Ms. Peyton/Mr. Benedetto through the Tech Liaison Support Request Link:
Overlea High School Tech Liaison Support Request

3. Contact the BCPS help desk 443.809.4672 or click on the button to request support through https://bcpsone.bcps.org/support/ 

4.  If a device needs to be repaired or replaced please contact the BCPS Helpdesk.

Google and



Google Meet and Schoology Support Information for Parents

Virtual Meeting Best Practices 

 OHS Student Tech Guide









2021 Athletics Update

The past few months have brought many challenges for our program, and programs everywhere.  As we move forward with the 2020-2021 school year, we have several major announcements, changes, and updates to communicate.

We look forward to continuing to offer an exceptional program, that fosters growth for our student-athletes on the field, in the classroom, and as citizens in our community.   Please review the following sections carefully.  As always, if there are questions, concerns, or feedback that you feel you should share, please contact Athletic Director Bruce Malinowski at bmalinowski@bcps.org

Fall Mini Season

Athletics for the following fall sports will be starting Saturday February 13th




Meeting area



Meeting area


Feb 16 & 18



Cross Country

Feb 13th



Feb 16 to 19



Boys Soccer

Feb 13th

2:30 to 4:30


Feb 16 to 19

2:30 to 4:30



Feb 13th

10:00 AM

Back activity RM

Feb 16 to 19

4pm to 6

Back activity RM


Feb 13th

10 am to 3pm

equipment room

Feb 16 to 19


Turf Field

Girls Soccer

Feb 13th


upper soccer field

Feb 16 to 19

3pm -4:30

Upper soccer field


Feb 13th


Front of building

Feb 16 to 19




Feb 13th

10:00 AM


Feb 17 & 19

4pm to 6





Transportation for Fall Mini Season

The below stops and times will be used to bring student athletes to Overlea for participation in Fall athletics from February 16th to 19th and from the 22nd to 26th. There will be one bus per stop and it will leave from Overlea at the time below. Masks must be worn on the bus and safe social distancing must be maintained.

Stop Location

Stop Time



2:40 PM


2:42 PM


2:40 PM


2:41 PM


2:42 PM

The following things need to be completed prior to participation in fall sports

Participation Eligibility

Students are, in a wholly inclusive manner, able to participate in the fall athletic program to start the 2020-2021 school year. Following the completion of the virtual period, and with the start of in-person instruction and in-person athletics, standard eligibility protocols will be followed. This means report cards distributed on February 11, 2021 will impact eligibility. In order for students to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics, the quarter grades that are received prior to the start of that season must demonstrate a minimum GPA of 2.0 (unweighted) and no more than one ‘E’. A student who does not meet either of those standards, or both, shall be ineligible until the next sport season, given that there is an opportunity with another quarter grade to re-establish eligibility.

Registration and Physical Exam

Registration of BCPS interscholastic athletics is hosted by FormReleaf.com

The specific page for Overlea High School registrations can be found here:


Students will need to be registered in order to participate in the Fall season.  That registration will carry-over into the second semester, where more traditional, in-person seasons, are scheduled to be conducted.  There is a separate registration for each sport, and we will work with the following calendar and registration windows:



The Physical Exam forms which are still required, are now slightly different.  The new form includes an additional COVID-19 page, which must be completed for all physical exams prior to participation. You may fax completed forms to 443-809-3249 or email bmalinowski@bcps.org

The updated form can be found by clicking on the following link:



As always, a completed physical exam that is on file, is good for one calendar year. 


What Does the Season Look Like?

Semester Two: In-Person Interscholastic Athletics

Fall starts on Saturday February 13th

At this time, the tentative plan is for a resumption of the competitive, in-person seasons, according to the table above.

More details about scope and sequence of seasons, schedules, equipment distribution, etc. will follow.

Important Contact Information:

Athletic Director       Bruce Malinowski    bmalinowski@bcps.org

Boys Soccer                  Patrick Letts               pletts2@gmail.com

Girls Soccer                  Michael Loskot          michaelloskotjr@gmail.com

Football                          Craig Rollins               crollins2@bcps.org

Golf                                  Sam Yurow                   syurow@bcps.org

Cheer                              Monique Hart             mhart3@bcps.org

Cross Country            Jeremy White             jwhite9@bcps.org

Volleyball                      Ashleigh Newkirk     anewkirk@bcps.org

Badminton                   Tracey Dowling           tdowling@bcps.org

These are the Varsity Head Coaches of each program which will begin on February 13th.  Other coaches will participate in the virtual sessions; however, these coaches will be your point of contact for the ‘fall’ season.  We will distribute an update closer to the next virtual season with details and coach contact information for the ‘winter’ season, followed by the ‘spring’. 



Yearbook flyer

Principal Mrs. Sample

Ms. Sample, Principal

Mrs. Sample