Withdrawals are processed in the order which they are received, typically within 48 hours. In order to receive a withdrawal packet, you must complete the withdrawal packet request form linked here.

Withdrawal packets are official documents and must remain sealed and should only be opened by the receiving school. For students moving within BCPS, you have the option of having your students transfer packet emailed to the school directly.

I am moving within the county. Can my student remain at Overlea?

Students must be domiciled in a specific address zone to attend Overlea. In accordance with BCPS Rule 5140, “A student is expected to attend the school that serves his/her attendance area,” and in addition in accordance with Rule 5140, “ A parent shall notify the school of any change in domicile. Failure to notify the school within 15 days of any change my result in the student being withdrawn from the school.” If your child is currently a rising senior, or current senior, please contact our office at 443-809-5243 for further information.

What do I do with my student’s device?

For students who have moved out of Overlea’s zone but still reside in Baltimore County, you do not need to return your student’s device, as it will travel to the next high school. We do however, want Overlea library books and materials returned directly to Overlea. For students who are leaving Baltimore County Public Schools, it is required that you have returned the device or paid the lost/damaged device fine prior to receiving your students transfer packet.

Contact Information: Ms. Rich, Records Secretary,

443-809-5243, [email protected]


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