Rosetta Butler - President
Crystal Mercer - Vice President
Kevin Dowell - Treasurer
Christina Turner - Secretary
Sarah Albritton - Special Assistant/Volunteer
Dorian Butler - Special Assistant/Volunteer



Our mission is to actively collaborate with students, parents, faculty, and community through:

·    Commitment:  We are dedicated to promoting the well-being and educational success of our students through consistent and comprehensive engagement.

·    Accountability:  We acknowledge our obligations, and we deliver on our promises.

Respect:  We value the efforts and thoughts from students, parents, and faculty.

Enhancement:  We strive to improve the quality of our school and the overall student learning experience.

Support:  We will support our faculty by providing resources wherever possible to improve the learning experience, and we will support our students by providing resources to facilitate extra-curricular activities and programs not covered per BCPS policy.