Overlea High School Grading Procedures

Grading for 3rd and 4th quarter and final grade calculations will be adjusted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Explanations of the grading calculations are detailed below.

Year Long Courses

  • Your child has already received an achievement letter grade for MP 1 and 2. They can access their report card to see those grades by logging into BCPS One, clicking on the Student Information System, and clicking on Grade Reporting.
  • MP 3 will be left blank on your child’s report card.
  • MP 4 will receive a grade of P or F
  • New marking period is known as MP3/MP4

    Second Semester Courses

  • There are no grades for MP 1 and 2. The course started in the beginning of MP 3.
  • MP 3 will be left blank on your child’s report card.
  • MP 4 will receive a grade of P or F
  • New marking period is known as MP3/MP4

    MP3/MP4 Grades

    Students will receive an Academic History Code (P, F) as their grades from MP3/MP4. To determine the Academic History Code (P,F) for students, teachers will consider overall evidence of student performance using the following guidance:

    • P – Passing: Passing codes will be issued when there is evidence of student participation and progress, or the school is aware that a student is experiencing an extenuating circumstance or hardship.
    • F – Failing: Failing codes will be issued when a teacher has been successful in communicating with a parent/guardian or student, and there is verification that the student is not experiencing an extenuating circumstance or hardship AND there is no evidence of participation or work completion.


    Final Course Grades for Year-Long Courses:

  • The final course grade (placed on transcript) will be calculated from the grades in MP 1, 2 & 4.
    • Your child will have an option to receive either an “Academic History Code” (a P or an F) or an “Achievement Grade” (the usual letter grades of A, B, C, D, E).
    • Students will select which option they want for each class.  They may make different selections for different classes. 
    • Each teacher will have students indicate which option they wish via a short survey in Schoology.
    • In cases where the student does not indicate a preference, the final grade will default to P or F (P = pass = earned credit, or F = fail = no credit).
  • Achievement (Letter) Grade verses Pass/Fail
    • A letter grade will impact the calculation of the overall GPA/QPA.  Students with strong first and second quarter grades may wish to select an achievement grade to boost their GPA/QPA.
    • A Pass or Fail will not have any input in the calculation of the overall GPA & QPA.


  • Final Grade Calculation
    • MP 1 and 2 are worth a set number of points (A = 12, B = 9, C = 6, D = 3, E = 0).  A student with an A in MP 1 and a B in MP 2 would have 21 points (12 + 9).
    • MP 3 will have no numerical weight; work done in MP 3 will be combined with and reported as P or F for MP 4.
    • MP 4 will only have 2 options - P (worth 4 points) or F (worth 0 points)
    • The total amount of points from MP 1, 2 & 4 will be added up to determine the final grade.
      • A = 28 - 24 points / B = 23 - 18 points / C = 17 - 11 points / D = 10 - 4 points / E = 3 - 0 points (if you select the Achievement Grade option)
      • P = 28 - 4 points / F = 3 - 0 points (if you select the Academic History Code option)

    Final Course Grades for Semester 2 Courses:

  • The final grade (placed on the transcript) is based on MP 4.
    • If your child receives a P (pass) in MP 4, they receive P for the final grade.
      • Earned credit for the course
    • If your child receives an F (fail) in MP 4, they receive F for the final grade.
      • No credit for the course
    • There is no option for an achievement letter grade.  The P or F will not be calculated in the overall GPA & QPA.

Report Card Notes

  • Final Achievement Grades will be factored in the cumulative GPA/QPA
  • Transcripts will show the Final Achievement Grade and credit earned.
  • Final Academic History Codes will not be factored in the cumulative GPA/QPA.
  • Transcripts will show the Final Academic History Codes and credit earned.
  • Attendance Data will not be reported
  • Conduct codes reported for only work completion and classroom conduct
  • Academic eligibility for athletics for the 20/21 school year has not yet been determined.  We will share this information with you as soon as we receive it
  • There will not be any final exams in any courses.  Therefore, the Final Eval column on the report card will remain blank

If students and their families have concerns after reviewing grades from MP 1 and 2 and/or students or families still have questions about how the final course grade will be determined or which option is best, please utilize the teacher’s office hours of the designated course or utilize the counselor’s office hours to receive clarifying information.  Overlea instructional staff will ask students to indicate if they want the Achievement Grade Option or the Academic History Code Option approximately 2 weeks before the end of the school year (mid-May for seniors and early June for 9th - 11th graders).  Information about the final grading options will be presented by teachers during the google meet sessions, starting the week of May 11.  The survey to indicate grading choice may be found on the teacher’s Schoology page.

Lastly, If you are experiencing a hardship, have requested and not received a paper packet, have experienced persistent technical difficulties that have made it difficult to access the online course material, or other extenuating circumstances that have made it difficult for your child to participate in the instructional program in this remote learning environment, please contact us!  We are here to help and to support you!  Thank you for your continued support of Overlea High School.