COVID-19 Resources

Good afternoon Overlea families,
As you are aware, remote learning for all students will begin on April 6, 2020. Below is what you can expect regarding continuity of learning.
Grades 9-12 Starting April 6, 2020
Each week, students will be exposed to new curriculum goals.
• Students will have an opportunity to participate in one class meeting per class per week with their teachers as scheduled by the teacher.
• Students will have opportunities to demonstrate their learning based on curriculum goals.
Remote Learning
• New lessons will be posted each week.
o New content per course will be shared on Monday.
o Students will self-pace through learning.
o Assignments for feedback will be submitted by your student through Schoology by 11:59 pm on Friday of that week.
• For students without internet access, a way to request materials will be provided and is forthcoming.
Overlea teacher office hours and class meeting schedules will be posted on your scholar's Schoology page. In addition, office hours will be provided for 2 hours each day. Times of office hours will be located on the teacher's Schoology page.
As always, I want to thank you for your continued support of our school community. We miss our students and hope that all of our families are well during these times.
Monica C. Sample, Principal