Welcome to the
Overlea Library! 

Mrs. Bell
Hours:  7:15 am - 3pm

Visit the library before school, during lunch, after school or with a pass from a teacher.  Please carry your BCPSone ID at all times.

*Please see Mrs. Bell for extended hours. 


The Learning Commons will cultivate a lifelong love for enriching, authentic, and rigorous learning through individual and collaborative exploration.  We will ensure the safe and equitable access of information technology and its application through the tools of the 21st Century Learner to make certain that our students are leaders in the global community.


Watch this video to learn MLA format:


APA format

APA Video


EasyBib/Citing sources:

BCPS has bought students a subscription to Easy Bib
1. Visit the site
2.  Make an account to receive all the benefits
3.  Coupon code overlhs120
4.  Citing sources in MLA or APA


Library/Lab/Device Cart Schedule: