Picture of Gym with students


Goal 1:

Every student will experience high academic achievement and continuous growth in a rigorous student centered instructional program designed to raise the academic bar and close achievement gaps via AVID instructional practices and 21st century tools that will ensure college and career readiness for every student.

Goal 2:

Overlea High School will be a safe, welcoming, and nurturing learning environment which will promote the wellbeing of the whole child and will provide a positive, respectful, and caring culture for teaching, learning, and working.

Goal 3:

Overlea High School will maximize organizational efficiency and effectiveness by engaging in strategic efforts that employ relevant and reasonable performance standards that provide for employee professional growth and shared accountability for student and school performance.


Welcome to Overlea High School clubs & activities page.  
Below is a list of clubs & activities you may want to check out. Remember sports, extra curricular activities and volunteering are a great way to build your resume and college application!  

Allied Soccer, Allied Bowling, Allied Softball - Ms. Dowling
Art Club - Mrs. Foti (Room 113, Wednesdays)
Badminton - Ms. Dowling
Baseball (Varsity)- Mr. Friskey
Basketball (Boys Varsity)-  Mr.  Holly
Basketball (Boys JV) - Mr. Lawson
Basketball (Girls Varsity) - Mr. Brooks
Basketball (Girls JV) - Ms. Henson
Book Club - Mrs. Bell (Library) 
Cheerleading - Fall - Ms. Hart/Winter - Ms. Decker
Chess - Coach Rollins and Mr. Hughes (Room 229, Tuesdays)
Class of 2019 - Ms. Dowling & Ms. Jones
Class of 2020 - Ms. Kornegay & Ms. Smith
Class of 2021 - Ms. Hart & Ms. Green
Class of 2022 - 
Compassionate Eating Club (Vegetarian Club) - (Room 321, every other Friday) 
Cross Country - Ms. Single *& Mr. White
Dance Team - Ms.  Duggan -Lee (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:30 -4)
DECA - Ms. Johnson (Room 219, Wednesdays)
Drama - Mr. Higgs
Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Coach Rollins & Ms. Torregosa (Room 204, every other Thursday) 
Football (Varsity) - Coach Rollins
Football (JV) - Coach Williams
Forensics - 
FBLA-  Ms. Johnson (Room 219, Wednesdays) 
Future Educators of America - Ms. Smith (Every other Wednesday 2:20)
Golf - Mr. Yurow
Indoor Track - Ms. Single & Mr. White
IT Girls - Officer Zachary, Ms. Jones, Officer Moore
Key Club - Mrs. Bell (Library, Thursdays)
Lacrosse (Girls) - Mr. Ford
Lacrosse (Boys) - Mr. Wilner
Literary Magazine - Mr. Wilner (room 301)
Marine JROTC Drill Team and Raider Team - 
National English Honor Society - Ms. Geckle (Monthly; Room 314)
National Honor Society - 
Outdoor Track - Ms. Single
SGA -  Ms. Dowling
Soccer (Girls) - Mr. Ford
Soccer (Boys) - Mr. Barker
Softball - Ms. Dowling
Spanish Honor Society - Ms. Gillis
Spectrum -  Ms. Mintzes (Room 303, Wednesdays) 
Student Mentoring Coordinator - Ms. Jones
Tennis - Mr. Yurow
Track & Field - Ms. Single, Ms. Gillis and Ms. White 
Vocal Music - Ms. Zephir  (A days, room 110, 2:30 - 4pm)
Volleyball (Varsity) -  Coach Henson and Ms. Newkirk
Volleyball (JV) - Ms. Gizara
World Languages Club - Ms. Gillis & Ms. Redfurn
Wrestling (Varsity) - Coach Rollins
Wrestling (JV) - Coach Williams