Health Sciences

Maddie Philips               Edith Callahan          Ms. Neal          Ms. Trowers


 Maddie Phillips                          Edith Callahan                        Lauren Neal                            Aiesha Trowers

Students are provided with learner-centered environments that integrate health science concepts and skills into core content areas.  Through inquiry-based approaches, problem-solving, and digital learning, students explore concepts and techniques used in healthcare, biotechnology and research investigation.  As students continue through the magnet program, they are able to enroll in Dental Assistant, Physical Therapy, and/or Biomedical Science elective courses.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in internships and practice interpersonal and technical skills in real-world settings.

 No assessments are required for students applying to the Health Sciences program at Overlea High School. 

Available at: 

Overlea High School
5401 Kenwood Avenue
Overlea, Maryland 21206


Applications accepted for Grades 9-10


Transportation is provided for students who are zoned to attend high schools in the Northeast or Southeast Areas, as well as those who are zoned to attend Loch Raven High School.